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  • Hebei Xinyu Metal Products Co.,Ltd

  •  [Hebei,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Worldwide , Americas , Europe , North Europe , Asia , East Europe , West Europe
  • Exporter:81% - 90%
  • Certs:ISO9001, RoHS, GB, ISO14001, API, ASME, CCC, CE
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Hebei Xinyu Metal Products Co.,Ltd

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About Us

Hebei Xinyu Metal Products Co Ltd is a ISO9001 cerificated enterprise which specialize in manufacturing and exporting furniture nuts Product including Wing Nuts Hopper Feed T Nuts Propeller Nuts Weld Nuts Pallet Nuts Locking Nuts Rivet Nuts Doggie Tooth Washers Steel Stamped Parts Hopper Feed Rivet T Nuts Metal Stamped Parts T Nuts For Cliff Climbing Furniture Nuts tee nut for rock climbing holding Insert Tee Nut Middle steel Zinc Plated Stamping Wing Nut Auto Flat Plane Weld Nuts Automobile Spot Welding Nut Customer made metal stamping parts Cold Heading Tee Nuts Stainless Steel Butterfly Nuts Furniture Eccentric Wheel Cam Lock Furniture Nut and so on There are complete product...

Categories and Products

T Nuts

Tee Nuts With Claws Steel 4 Prong T Nuts Zinc plated Hopper Feed T Nuts Non standard T nuts T nuts with 4 prongs 4 Prong Stainless Steel T Nuts M5 Stainless Steel T Nut T-nuts with prongs Four Claws T Nuts carbon steel zinc plated standard T-nuts 4 Prongs Carbon Steel Plain T-Nut for Furniture No.10-24 UNC Plain Full thread Four prongs t-nuts M8 Large flange Disc Custom style Tee nuts M12 Prong Tee Nuts M12X14 Four sting Full thread Zinc plated nuts Low carbon steel Full thread Three jaw T-nuts Four corners Riveting Half thread Tee Nuts Half thread nails with four corners Disc Four corners Full thread Tee nuts Fine grinding Four corners Full thread Tee Nuts 

Wing Nuts

Zinc plating carbon steel Wing nuts Zinc plated steel stamp wing nuts Carbon steel wing nuts Zinc plating standard wing nuts Galvanized steel stamped wing nuts Thread Carbon steel Wing nuts Steel Stamped Butterfly Wing Nuts Stamped Wing Nuts for Wood butterfly stainless steel wing nuts M6Carbon steel Thread with thread Wing nuts M6 Carbon Steel Zinc Plating Wing Nuts M10 Carbon Steel Zinc Plating Wing Nuts Stainless steel Thread with thread Wing nuts Carbon steel without thread Locking Wing Nuts Carbon steel​ Wing Nuts 1/4-20 Machine Fine grinding Galvanized Wing nut Carbon steel standard Full thread wing nuts Full thread locking Stamping production Wing nut Standard parts Machine ZP Wing nut M8 White Zinc plated Wing nuts 

Hopper Feed T Nuts

Stainless steel hopper feed T Nuts carbon steel Auto Machine type T Nuts Crimp lock tee nuts Carbon Steel Hopper T Nuts 4 claws insert T nuts Tee Nuts with 4 prongs Stainless steel 4 Prongs Hopper Feed Tee Nuts Carbon steel Zinc plated The Claw Tee Nuts Stainless steel Zinc plated 4 Prongs Tee Nuts 4 Prong T-Nut M6X9 M6X12 4 Prongs Zinc Plating Furniture Nuts The claw Zinc Plating Full thread T-Nuts 3/8-16-5/8 Hopper feed 4 Prongs Rivet T-Nuts M8x15 Carbon steel The claw T- nuts CB/NHF Hopper Feed Tee Nuts Plain Riveted Carbon Steel M6X15 T-nuts M6X8 flange The Claw ZP T-nuts M6 flange The Claw ZP T-nuts The claw Zinc Plating Furniture Nuts Riveted carbon steel M6X12 T-nuts 

Propeller Nuts

Zinc plated carbon steel propeller nuts Steel Stamp Propeller Tee Nut Carbon Steel Stamping Propeller Nuts Stamped Steel Propeller Nuts Carbon steel 4 Prong T-nuts Carbon steel propeller nuts for wood Furniture Insert Propeller Tee Nut Steel Galvanized Stamped Propeller Tee Nut Stamped Steel Propeller T-Nuts Furniture Zinc Plated Steel Propeller Nuts M6 Middle Steel Zinc Plated Propell Tee Nuts 1/4-20 X 3/4 Flanged Propeller Nuts Low Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Propeller Tee Nut Carbon steel White Zinc Plating Propeller Nuts Cutting edge A square Without prongs Tee nuts Stainless Steel rectangular base T Nuts Propeller Nuts American Standard 5/16-18 White Zinc Plating Propeller Nuts 

Weld Nuts

Carbon Steel Flat Welding Nuts Round base welded nuts Carbon Steel Flat Welded Nuts Carbon steel stamped Weld Nuts Steel Flat Weld Nuts Carbon Steel Flat Welding Nut Carbon Steel Welded Nuts Carbon steel weld nuts Auto Flat Weld Nuts Round Base Weld Nut Steel Galvanized Flat Welded Nuts Flat plane blind weld nuts Flat Base Welded Tee Nuts 1/4 Weld nut Plain 1/2 Three thread Polishing Welding nuts 1/4-20 Weld nut Plain Auto Flat Plane Weld Nuts 1/4-16 Carbon steel Plane weld nuts 1/4-20 Weld nut Carbon steel Plain Aligning Weld Nuts 

Pallet Nuts

Zinc plated pallet nuts for wood Carbon steel pallet nuts Round Base stamped Pallet Nuts Carbon Steel round base pallet nut Tray Nuts with Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Pallet Nuts Stainless steel Rivet joint tray Tee nuts Cutting edge Full thread No feet Tee nuts Carbon steel Three jaw hexagon Tee nuts Full thread Hexagonal base Cap nut Disc Two horns Fine grinding Tee Nuts Carbon steel Trimming Iron Plate nuts Notched ferrule Iron plate tee nuts M10 Circular base No holes Tee nuts Ecru Two claws Tee Nuts On both sides of the edge Tee nut Boil the black alien Supporting plate nut Full thread Boil black Tray nut Disc convex point Stainless steel Pallet Nut Full thread Stainless steel The tray nut 

Locking Nuts

Zinc Plated Steel Locking T Nuts Steel Galvanized Locking T Nuts Carbon Steel Stamp Locking T Nuts Stamped Carbon Steel Locking T Nuts Steel Stamped Locking T Nuts Carbon steel Locking 3 prong T- Nuts 8-32X1/4Full thread 3 prongs Tee Nuts Half thread 3 prong Tee Nuts Full Thread 3 Thorn Insert Nut Stampings Carbon steel Zinc Plating Locking Tee Nuts Stainless steel alien 4 Prongs T-Nuts Stainless steel 4 Prongs Locking Nuts M8 Stainless steel 4 Prongs Locking Nuts Color Zinc Plating disk 4 Prongs Tee Nuts Zinc plated 4 Prongs Disk Tee nuts M6X9X19 Zinc plated 4 Prongs Disk Tee nuts 4 Pron ZP Carbon steel T-nuts The claw ZP T-nuts Tee Nut 4 Prong DIN1624 ZP M4X16 Tee Nut 4 Prong DIN1624 ZP M16 

Rivet Tee Nuts

Stamping Steel Rivet Nuts SS Stamping Rivet Nuts Stainless Steel Stamp Rivet Nuts Stainless Steel Stamped Riveted Nut T Nuts With Prongs Four Prong Tee Nuts m4x16 Zinc Plating carbon steel Tee Nuts 4 prongs stainless T Nuts 4 claw Round bottom Zinc Plating Tee nuts Three jaw lock tee nut Stainless steel four claw T nuts Stainless Steel Zinc Plated Insert T Nut Customized furniture Hopper Feed T Nuts M6 Large flange The Claw ZP T-nuts Corrugated serrated Fine grinding Tee nut Alien Perforated Disc Four Prongs T-nuts Zinc plated Four shackles Furniture nuts Cold heading 4 Pron ZP T-nuts 4 Prongs Carbon steel ZP Tee Nuts Half thread Pour tooth Stainless steel Nut 

Doggie Tooth Washers

Carbon Steel Stamping Washers Carbon Steel Doggie Tooth Washers Stainless Steel Stamped Doggie Tooth Washer Steel Stamped fastener washers Steel Stamped Doggie Tooth Washers Stainless Steel Stamping Doggie Washer Carbon steel 3 Prong Dog Tooth Washer 4 Prongs Zinc Plating Doggie Tooth Washers Two sided Zinc Plating Doggie Tooth Washers Two-sided Doggje Tooth Washers Single Fastening Zinc plated Dog tooth washer Inner Serrated Lock Zinc plated Washer Four sting Square hole Single Doggie washeres Single face Four sting Square hole Washer Zinc plated Stamping Double-sided tooth washer Zinc plated toothed plate connectors washer Carbon steel stamping Three spines dog tooth washer Stamped Washers for Wood Square hole four - barbed Doggie Washers Сarbon steel Doggie Tooth Washers 

Steel Stamped Parts

OEM Steel Stamping Parts Non Standard Stamped fastener parts Zinc Plating Carbon steel Plam Base nuts Non Standard Fasteners T Nuts T Nuts with round base Round Brad Holes T Nuts Four Pronged Insert T Nuts Stainless steel large Stampings Stainless steel Square Stampings M5Stainless Steel Round Base Pallet Nut Square Parts Zinc plated Carbon steel Stamped Parts SS304 stamping Butterfly Wing Nut Stainless Steel Precision Stamping Carbon steel zinc plated welded nuts Alien Belt hole Steel Stamped Parts Stampings Used for sofa base T-nuts Fine grinding stamping circular Tee nut 

Hopper Feed Rivet T Nuts

T Nuts for automatic machine Hopper Feed T Nuts Rivet Type Machine type T Nuts Auto Machine type T Nuts Zinc Plated Machine T-Nuts Stainless steel stamped Hopper Feed T Nuts Hopper Feed Tee Nuts M6X16 Hopper Feed T Nut Hopper Feed T Nuts Hopper Feed Rivet T Nut T Nuts Carbon steel Zinc plated Square bottom The claw T-Nuts Hopper Feeding T Nuts M6 Stainless steel The Claw Jagged T-Nuts Stainless steel The claw Jagged T-Nuts carbon steel zinc plated standard Tee nuts CBNHF 5/16-18 Hopper Feed T-Nuts 

Metal Stamped Parts

Carbon steel zinc plated weld nuts Carbon steel zinc plating Stampings Carbon steel zinc plated square weld nuts Zinc Plating Carbon steel Weld Nuts Stampings Carbon Steel Round Base T-nuts Carbon steel full thread Rock climbing nut Carbon steel Zinc Plating Stamping T-nuts Carbon steel full thread Rock climbing nut Stampings Stainless Steel Special Rock Climbing Nut Square white Zinc Plating Weld nuts Metal Fasteners Stamped Parts Precision Steel Stamping Parts Steel Large size 4 Prongs T-Nuts Full thread Rock climbing Special Rectangle T-nuts Rock Climbing Nuts Carbon steel No thread Three sawtooth The gasket Carbon steel zinc plated weld nut 

T-Nuts For Cliff-Climbing

rectangular base T-Nuts for builds climbing walls Zinc Plated Indoor climbing wall tee nut rectangular base M10X10 T-Nuts for cliff climbing M 10 T-Nuts rectangular base Three Holes T Nuts 3/8 3 Holes Round Base T Nuts Round Base Tee Nuts Tee Nuts for Rock Climbing Round Base T- nuts 3 Hole Round Base T Nuts Tee Nuts for Cliff-Climbing indoor cliff climbing tee nut 3 Holes Round Base T-Tuts with 3/8 Thread Rock climbing disc Full thread Tee nuts M10X13X25 Dedicated to Rock climbing Nuts Stainless steel Profiled full thread Rock climbing nut Tuercas para soldar Base redonda without hole nut Tuercas de corte de cerradura de acero inoxidable Rectangular flat carbon steel welded nut Metal Stamping Escape climbing tee nuts 

Furniture Nuts

1/4-20x7/8 Stainless steel The claw T nuts Carbon steel Zinc Plating The claw T-nuts Zinc plated 4 Pronged tee nuts Pronged Tee Nuts For Wood Stainless steel stampings zinc plated T-nuts Tee Nut for timber components Zinc Plated Furniture Tee Nuts Stainless steel T nuts with prongs Zinc Plating Carbon steel The claw T-nuts Zinc plated steel Furniture T nuts Stainless steel 4 claw T-nuts M6X16Half thread Jagged furniture tee nuts Furniture Four Pronged Tee nut stamping steel furniture tee nut Full thread Carbon steel Furniture Tee nuts 4 Prongs Zinc Plating Furniture use T-Nuts Tee Nut 4 Prong DIN1624 ZP M6 DIN1624 Tee Nut 4 Prong ZP M6x9 Flange Face 4P M6x9 Zinc Plated T-Nut Embedded Furniture M6x9 Zinc Plated T-nut 

Tee Nut For Rock Climbing

Rectangular Base T- Nuts Zinc plated tee nut for cliff climbing Carbon Steel Round Base Tee nut Oblong Shape Climbing holding Tee nut Round base T- nuts Tee Nut for Rock Climbing Holding cliff climbing with rectangular base 3/8 Rectangular Climbing Holding Tee Nuts T-Nut for Indoor Rock Climbing Indoor Tee Nut for Rock Climbing 4 Pronged 5/8" T-Nut for Climbing Holds Metal stamping rock climbing holding tee nut M10X13X25 Round base T-nuts Stainless steel Special customized Rock climbing nut No feet Full thread Round bottom Tee nuts Carbon Steel Round Base T nut Full thread Climbing nut Full thread square four-hole rock climbing nut Full thread stamping Zinc plated Three holes nut Full thread Special customized Rock climbing nut 

Insert Tee Nut

SS Embedded T Nuts With 4 Claws Full thread Color 4 Prongs Locking nut Carbon steel Zinc Plating 6 Prongs T-Nuts 6 Prongs Carbon steel Zinc Plating Tee Nuts Four Pronged Stainless Steel T Nuts Four Pronged T Nut Carbon steel Zinc plated The Claw T-Nuts Four Claws Insert T Nuts 3 Pronged Insert T Nuts Zinc plated Carbon steel Furniture Tee nuts Furniture use Zinc Plating The claw Tee Nuts Metal stampings riveted three prong T-nuts White Zinc plated Stainless steel round t-nut Carbon steel alien Full thread Butterfly type nuts M4 large flange color zinc plating tee nuts Stainless steel Full thread Inserted Tee Nuts Half Thread Carbon Steel Zinc plated Tee Nuts M4x16 Four Claw Insert Tee Nuts Carbon steel galvanized Insert Tee Nut Flange face four prong tee nuts 

Middle Steel Zinc Plated Stamping Wing Nut

Thread free Carbon steel Wing nuts Zinc plated stamping wing nuts Zinc plated stamped wing nuts White Zinc Plating Carbon steel Wing Nuts Zinc plated Carbon steel Wing Nuts Zinc Plating Carbon Steel Alien Wing Nuts Mild Steel white Zinc plated Wing nuts Without thread Carbon steel Locking Wing Nuts Stainless steel locking wing nuts Zinc Plated Wing nuts Middle steel Zinc Plated Stamping Wing Nut 

Auto Flat Plane Weld Nuts

auto spot welded nuts Carbon steel zinc plating stampings White Zinc Plating Carbon steel Weld nuts Auto Flat Plane Projection Weld Nuts Carbon steel zinc plated Small Stampings Plane automobile spot welding nuts Aligning Auto Flat Weld Nuts Automobile Flat Weld Nuts Stainless steel Auto Flat Plane Weld Nuts 5/16 Auto Flat Plane Weld Nuts Bottom of disc best climbing nuts 1/4 Three thread Polishing Welding nuts Stainless steel Auto flat plane blind weld nut Carbon steel Plane Bumps Welding nuts Zinc plated Diamond plane welded CAM nut Professional thin plate welding nut 

Automobile Spot Welding Nut

304 SS Auto Spot Welded Nuts Spot Welding tee Nuts Carbon Steel Flat Weld Nuts Spot welding nuts for auto Stampings Auto Flat Plane Weld Nuts Full thread Flange surface Bulge Welding nut Auto Flat Plane weld nuts Special planar welded nut Stainless steel Aligning the weld nut stainless steel projection weld nuts 

Customer-Made Metal Stamping Parts

Stainless Steel Spring Nuts Customized Metal Stamping Parts Metal stamping parts Customized stamping fasteners parts Custom Metal Stamping Parts High Precision Metal Stamping Parts Stainless Steel Stamping Fastener Parts Rectangular Base T Nuts 6 Prongs stamping parts for mining equipment Stainless Steel Stamped Weld Nuts Carbon steel Air valve Stamping parts Air Conditioning Ventilation System Metal Stamping Part Six sharp spines stamping products Heterotypic Stampings Six tooth nut 

Cold Heading Tee Nuts

Carbon steel Cold Heading Customized Tee Nuts Zinc plated Cold Heading Tee Nuts Threaded Alien Stainless steel Stampings Carbon steel The color zinc riveting Tee nuts Cold heading Zinc plated Riveting Tee nuts Color Zinc plated Riveting Tee nuts Cold heading Four claws Color zinc plated Nuts Cold heading Disc Half thread Tee nut Cold heading The claw Full thread Tee nuts 

Stainless Steel Butterfly Nuts

Standard Stainless steel Wing Nuts Stainless Steel Butterfly Wing Nut Stainless Steel Stamped Wing Nuts Stainless steel wing nuts Stainless steel wing nut Stainless steel butterfly wing nuts stainless steel Butterfly Nuts Zinc Plating carbon steel Standard Wing Nuts Stampings Stainless steel Wing nuts Stamped Stainless Steel Butterfly Wing Nuts M8 Stainless Steel Butterfly Wing Nuts Stamping stainless steel butterfly nut Stainless steel With thread Wing Nuts locking wing nuts Carbon steel stamping Wing nuts 

Furniture Eccentric Wheel

Furniture zinc plated Eccentric Wheel Furniture Eccentric Wheel lock nuts 

Cam Lock Furniture Nut

Wooden furniture cam lock screws cam nuts Cam Lock Nut Furniture Connector Fastener furniture assembly cam locks 

Stamping Metal Washer

Stamped Nuts and Washers Stainless steel stamping nuts washers Metal Stamp Doggie Washers Stamped Steel Doggie Tooth Washer Carbon Steel Stamp Doggie Tooth Washers Stainless Steel Stamping Doggie Washers Carbon steel stamping dog tooth washer Two-sided Zinc Plating Doggie Tooth Washers Zinc Plating 4 Prongs Doggie Tooth Washers Fastening Doggje Tooth Washere Tooth Plate Timber Connector Plank link Single Stamping Dog tooth washer Stamping Zinc plated single The dog tooth washer 

Jagged Tee Nuts

Carbon steel jagged nuts Galvanized Locking T Nuts Carbon Steel Lock T Nuts For Wood Half thread Jagged 4 prong Tee Nuts Zinc Plating Half thread Jagged 4 prong T-Nuts jagged Tee Nuts 4 prongs Full thread Zinc Plating 4 Prongs Tee nuts Jagged Full Thread 4 Prongs Tee Nuts Stainless Steel 4p for wood Large stainless steel four-jaw disc nut 

Propeller Tee Nuts

Carbon Steel Propelling Nuts Carbon Steel Stamp Propelling Nuts Carbon Steel Standard Propelling Nuts Carbon Steel Stamping Propeller Tee Nut Stamped stainless steel rivet Nuts Zinc Plated Round Base Propeller T Nuts Stainless Steel Round Base Propeller T-Nut Carbon Steel ZP Precession Nuts Stampinggs Carbon steel Proplled T-nuts Insert proplled Nuts Stampinggs Carbon steel Propller T-nuts 

Pallet Tee Nuts

Round base carbon steel pallet nuts Carbon Steel Stamping Wood Pallet Nuts Carbon Steel Wooden Pallet Nut Standard Steel Galvanized Pallet Nuts Pallet Tee Nuts for wooden Pallet Carbon Steel Wood Pallet Nuts Stamped Rivet Nuts for wood Zinc Plated Stamped High Neck Pallet Nuts Steel Stamped Zinc Plated High Neck Pallet Nuts Full threaded zinc plated round base nuts without hole tee nuts Special disc Tee nuts 

Tee Nuts

Zinc Plated 4 Prong Tee nuts DIN1624 M6X9X19 Tee Nut Zinc plating carbon steel standard T-nuts Stainless steel Tee Nut Carbon steel zinc plated standard T- nuts Four prong T-nuts Zinc Plating Half thread 4 prongs Tee Nuts Color Zinc Plating full thread nut Alien 2 Prongs Zinc Plating T-Nuts Zinc plated Carbon steel 4 Prongs T-Nuts NHF Zinc Plated Furniture Tee Nuts Normal DIN2624 4P Furniture T-nut CB/NHF Furniture 4Prongs Tee Nuts CBNHF M8x11 Low Carbon Steel Zinc Plated T-Nut DIN1624 4Prongs Zinc Plated Tee Nut for Furniture Cold heading 4 Pron ZP M12 T-nuts 4 Prongs Carbon steel ZP M5T-Nuts 4 Prongs Carbon steel Plain M6x10 T-Nuts 4 Prongs Carbon steel Insert Tee Nuts 5M Four pronged Tee nuts 

Locking Tee Nuts

Carbon Steel Lock T Nuts Carbon Steel Stamped Locking T Nuts Colour Zinc Plating 4 claw Locking Tee Nuts Color Zinc Plating disk T-Nuts m4x16 Half thread 4 prongs Tee Nuts Zinc plating Carbon steel 4 prong T-nuts Stainless steel 2 Prongs Locking Tee Nuts Carbon Steel Stamp Locking Tee Nut Steel Stamping Locking Tee Nuts Stamping Three holes Furniture carbon steel T-nuts Zinc Plating Full thread 3 prongs T-Nuts Irregular Two claws Circular base Tee nuts Half thread Fine grinding Stainless steel nuts Half thread Fine grinding disc Four claws nuts Carbon steel Lock T Nuts Low Carbon Steel Locking T-Nuts Full Thread Color Zinc plated Locking Tee Nuts Yellow zinc plated machine lock nuts Color galvanized full thread nuts Yellow zinc plating Full thread Tee nuts 

Furniture Tee Nuts

Furniture Tee Nuts Furniture Four Pronged Tee Nuts Furniture carbon steel The Claw nut Carbon steel Zinc Plating Furniture Nuts Fastening Carbon steel Furniture Nuts Furniture T Nuts riveting type Carbon steel Zinc Plating Furniture T-Nuts M5Carbon steel Zinc Plating Furniture Nuts 8-32x1/4 ASME Standard Three claw Zinc Plating T-nuts crimp lock Furniture tee nut Square bottom Two claw steel Tee Nuts Furniture insert Tee Nuts M6X9X19 Furniture use 4 Prongs T-Nuts 1/4-20 x 7/16 Large Step Coil T-nuts 3/8-16x5/8 Plain Steel 4Pronged Tee Nuts Pronged Tee Nut 1/4"-20 x 5/16" Steel Stamped Rivet T-Nuts For Wood Zinc Plated Furniture T-Nuts M5x14 Stamping Furniture carbon steel T- nuts CBNHF Zinc Plated Furniture T-Nut 

Pull Rivet Nuts

Blind Rivet Zinc Plated Tee Nut Screw Thread Blind Rivet Nut Hexagon Rivet Tee Nut Cutting edge Circular Stainless steel Tee nut 

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